Rise of the Bulls

We are a changemaker network and laboratory.

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our origin

We have a nation of citizens who want to make a difference...

We believe that there are too many indidividuals in our country, who want to make a difference, are troubled by what they see on the news, don't know how to make impactful change on the issues they see.

Many of these people are uniquely gifted to contribute to solutions and have unique insights into the problems themselves, but are without a avenue to apply what they know.


...and organizations who crave a fresh perspective.

At the same time, we encounter organizations  who need inspiration and collaboration in thinking of new ways to approach long-standing, hard-to-crack problems.

From foster care to education, women's issues to civic engagement, organizations that are tackling society's most pressing challenges are asking themselves the hard questions:

  • Why are we in business? Should our mission and vision change? 
  • How can we do "good" better?
  • How might we revamp our entire business structure to better serve people?

Organizations are looking for disruptive and imaginative thinkers with a fresh perspective on the world and the people in it.



So, what are we doing about it?

Rise of the Bulls is a growing community of engineers, artists, designers, and strategists. Together, we are applying our knowledge of storytelling/media, civic engagement, human-centered design, and general disruptive-thinking to accelerate purpose-driven organizations missions.

We do this in three ways:


creative problem-solving 

We pair purpose-driven organizations with groups of multi-disciplinary, strategically selected and highly skilled community members to ideate solutions for local, national, and global issues.


community development

We create events to bring our community members together, develop their problem-solving and public service capacity, and also learn behind-the-scenes knowledge about current events.



We host local workshops, summits, and conferences for community members to share collective insights on timely topics to leaders in government and civic work.

What has our impact been thus far?

By holding collaborative think-tanks, workshops, and projects, we expose mission-driven organizations to solutions, possibilities, and options they haven't thought out before.

Here are some recent and ongoing projects we are leading:


Disrupting Radical Extremism

Our group of creative directors, filmists, and graphic designers are developing multi-media projects that convey the realities of extremism to self-radicalizing citizens.



Reimagining Refugee Migration

We connect our community's interior designers, structural engineers, and architects to organizations that want to reimagine (and redesign) how their spaces serve refugees.



Incubating Empathy in Polarized Places

We are designing a community-based, community-led program to rebuild social ties in our increasingly divided country.



Crafting Stories for Causes

We brainstorm emotion-invoking, action-inspiring campaigns for civic and government organizations that struggle with storytelling.