Rise of the Bulls
Rise of the Bulls
A Changemaker Network and Laboratory

We are a changemaker network and laboratory.

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our origin

We have a nation of citizens who want to make a difference...

We believe that there are too many individuals in our country, who want to make a difference, are troubled by what they see on the news, don't know how to make impactful change on the issues they see.

Many of these people are uniquely gifted to contribute to solutions and have unique insights into the problems themselves, but are without an avenue to apply what they know.


...and huge problems that need radically creative solutions.

From foster care to education, women's issues to rising extremism, what we know for sure is that society's most pressing challenges will not be overcome with old ways of thinking.

The time has come for disruptive and imaginative thinkers, with a fresh perspective on the world, to shake things up.



So, we’re doing something about it.

Rise of the Bulls is a community of engineers, artists, designers, and strategists that works with in itself, and with purpose-driven organizations, to pilot new thinking and create fresh solutions for hard-to-crack issues.

We do this by functioning as both a network and a laboratory:


we function as a Network

We create events to bring our community members together, develop their creative problem-solving skills, and learn behind-the-scenes knowledge on current events and issues.

We also ideate and execute solutions to challenges that we can take on ourselves, without the intervention of organizations and agencies.


we serve as a learning laboratory

We pair purpose-driven organizations with groups of multi-disciplinary, strategically-selected community members to ideate solutions for local, national, and global issues.

We also host local workshops, summits, and conferences for community members to share strategic insights to government and civic leaders.

What has our impact been thus far?

By holding collaborative think-tanks, workshops, and projects, we’ve exposed mission-driven organizations to solutions, possibilities, and options they hadn't imagined before.

Here are some recent and ongoing projects we are leading:


Disrupting Radical Extremism

Our community’s creative directors, videographers, and graphic designers are developing multi-media projects that convey the realities of extremism to self-radicalizing citizens.



Reimagining Refugee Migration

We’ve connected our community's architects, structural engineers, and interior designers to organizations that want to reimagine how their spaces serve refugees.



Incubating Empathy in Polarized Places

Our community’s facilitators and conflict resolution specialists are designing a community-based, community-led program to rebuild social ties in our increasingly divided country. Read more about it →



Crafting Stories for Causes

Multi-media designers, writers, and artists in our community are brainstorming action-inspiring campaigns for civic and government organizations that struggle with storytelling. Check it out →