Turning the Overwhelm Into Action

'The world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold out of it." - Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey

Wildfires, mass shootings, a migrant crisis, and continued political tensions across the board.

It can all be overwhelming and feel too large to do anything meaningful about it.

Today, Rise of the Bulls is sharing how four of our community members are making a difference:

Rachael Parker-Chavez

Rachael is a strategist who helps businesses figure out how to use their profits and the platforms for good. This holiday season, she launched the “What We’re For” campaign, which is rallying entrepreneurs far and wide to dedicate a portion of their holiday sales to five organizations serving communities affected by timely issues, such as: Southern Poverty Law Center, RAINN, and ACLU.

In just a few short weeks, she’s quadrupled the number entrepreneurs who have signed up to take part , many of whom are female founders.

(Learn more: @defininggood / https://defininggood.com/whatwerefor/)

Noah Reich and Dave Maldon

Noah and Dave are artists who have been traveling across southern California, creating public art installations to memorialize those we have lost to recent tragedies. In the last thirty days, their efforts have been highlighted in Buzzfeed, Reddit, and NBC. Their followers on Instagram have tripled over the over the last month, as people continue resonate with their actions to honor lives needlessly lost to gun violence and extremism.

(Learn more: @ihopeyouknowhowlovedyouare)

Nikkolas Smith

Nikk is an illustrator who posts digital art every Sunday to spark conversation about recent news headlines. Since posting his work on Instagram and Facebook, he’s been commissioned to create poster art for movies like Strange Fruit, Dear White People, and Space Jam.

On December 8th, he’ll be releasing a book showing every single Sunday sketch he’s made over the past 5 years. This will include sketches covering police brutality, Central American migration, and moments of celebration within communities of color.

(Learn more: @nikkolas_smith / https:www.nikkolas.art)

They all did this without a spotlight (at first) and by cultivating the resources they already had in their hands to get started. (Often, it was just a piece of paper or laptop.) You can do it too!

What issue do you want to take action on? What is the first step you think you can take?

Let us know what kind of support you think you need?

Maybe someone else in our community can partner with you to get it out into the world.

Drop a comment with your thoughts.

Here’s to turning the overwhelm in action, starting with one small step.

Rise of the Bulls