empathy and compassion

Rehumanizing America


In 2019, we find ourselves in a country more divided than ever. We are divided in our values, our politics, and in our views of each other. In America, where our perspectives are becoming more polarized, I believe something odd is happening; peculiar, even. The louder our elected leaders and political pundits become, the less our individual voices feel heard. I have a hunch that you, as you read this, wish more people knew how you feel about our current times and were curious to ask you about your perspective  - and on a deeper level, what you’ve experienced that has led you to hold tight to the values you have.

Watching a recent interview with Michelle Obama, she said “It’s hard to hate [people] up close.”

We, at Rise of the Bulls, believe that to be absolutely true. Late last year, we started to ask ourselves, “What would happen to the divisiveness in our country if we brought people up close to one another? What would happen if more people felt seen and heard by one another?

Here’s what we’re doing.

In the summer of 2018, Rise of the Bulls began assembling a committee of empathy experts, peace builders, and specialists in conflict-resolution. This group has started ideating what an event would look like that would allow people from varying political views to come together and build empathy and understanding with each other.

The goal of this advisory committee was to design something simple that can be replicated by anyone around the country. So far, this event is taking shape as a sort of guided conversation which hits on hard topics, but focuses on finding commonalities and allows for people’s back stories to come to the forefront.

Rise of the Bulls is going to host the pilot run of this event in Los Angeles in late winter 2019. Then, taking the key findings of what worked and what didn’t work for the voices in the room, we’re going to take this on the road. If you live in a city and want to participate in a dialogue like this in a place near you...let us know.

This year, before we try to change the world, we’re going to change ourselves. We’re starting with us; as individuals and as a community. We’re starting with tackling the foundation of true change we want to see in the world - compassion and empathy.


It hard to hate up close.” - Michelle Obama