From The Founder

For the rule breakers...


For the rule breakers, the rebels, the ones who can't shut up or sit down. The proverbial “bulls in the china shop”, who disrupt everything they touch, the ones with an eye for seeing how everything around them could be better - for how things must be made better. You, forever the agitators, always the troublemakers...

To the ones who've kept your ideas (and maybe even yourselves) small, to make everyone else feel more at ease. To the “aggressive”, “intimidating,” and bold; whose essence is brilliant and whose minds are wildly imaginative.

To those who believe in magic, who live for what’s possible, who dream with their head in clouds, who shoot for the moon, and believe - deep, deep down - that they can shake the earth to its very core. 

Rise of the Bulls is a gathering ground for people like you, people like us.

In a day and time where the world's problems seem to growing, leaders in government and civic organizations are looking for novel approaches to solve extremely hard challenges. These leaders are looking for new thought partners who can find ways to "do good better", to rethink how business is done top-to-down.

In the Rise of the Bulls community, we will explore every avenue to learn more about pressing global challenges, the organizations who are trying to solve them, and serve as a place to give....

Rise of the Bulls is a place to create and promote great ideas that are seen and heard. 

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Gabriele Almon
Founder, Rise of the Bulls